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EXO-GLASS Installation Guide

Click HERE to view the EXO-GLASS Installation Video or follow the instructions below:

Step One: Remove all contents from the EXO-GLASS package and open the EXO-GLASS Accessories Pack.

Step Two: If you have an existing (and way less cool) screen protector on your phone, you will need to remove it carefully. We will be uploading a safe removal guide soon but until then, we have found the easiest and safest way to remove old screen protectors is to pry them up with a credit card or similarly-shaped object so that they slowly lift away from the screen. This ensures minimal cracking and shattering. We also recommend the use of Personal Protective Equipment (including safety gloves and safety glasses) when undertaking this activity.

Step Three: Open the small package containing the included alcohol wipe and thoroughly clean the screen of your mobile device, ensuring there is no glue, dirt, or stains remaining.

Step Four: Wipe down your mobile device screen with the included microfiber cloth until it is completely dry and clean (don't worry if there are some specks of duct remaining, this is okay).

Step Five: Remove the dust-absorbing sticker from the included sticker pack and dab it across every inch of your screen to remove every last piece of dust. Please make sure that no dust remains as if it does, it will really frustrate you to look at once you put your screen on.

Step Six: Remove your EXO-GLASS screen protector from its foam insert and gently remove the sheet of plastic lining that accompanies it using the tab provided.

Step Seven: Carefully align the EXO-GLASS screen protector with the screen of your phone. We have found the most accurate way to complete this is by lighting-up your phone screen in order to align it correctly. Using the front cameras, as well as the now lit-up screen, it will fall easily into place.

Step Eight:
Now that your EXO-GLASS screen protector is aligned perfectly on your phone, gently run your fingers or a credit card along the edges to massage the glue into place. Our EXO-GLASS screen protectors have the highest viscosity glue on the market, so even if you drop your phone they shouldn't fall off. If any air bubbles pop up, do not fear as we have engineered our glass in such a way that they are easily removed by quickly running a credit card over them toward the edges.

Step Nine (For Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Owners): Our EXO-GLASS screen protectors come with an additional circular glue segment which enables your phones to continue to accurately use their in-screen fingerprint sensors. Using the included tool, gently rub over this circle in a 'Z' motion from bottom-to-top in order to apply it effectively without air-bubbles.

Step Ten: We have had zero reported incidents of touch-sensitivity issues with respect to our EXO-GLASS screen protectors - something we are extremely proud of! Despite this, we highly recommend increasing the touch sensitivity of your phone screen in your phone settings just in case. This can be found by opening your Settings and searching "sensitivity".

Step Eleven (For Samsung Galaxy S10 Series and Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Owners): After your EXO-GLASS screen protector has been installed and your touch sensitivity has been turned on, we highly recommend that if you are using your phones in-screen fingerprint sensor, that you re-program all installed fingerprints just in case! Our CEO actually has the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and his fingerprint sensor works perfectly!